Introducing the New PRSA Suburban Chicago

We know what you’re thinking right about now: Wait – nothing’s different. We’ve always been the Suburban Chicago Chapter, haven’t we? Well, no, not really.

For the first several years of our existence, more senior members of the chapter will remember that we were the Greater O’Hare Chapter. Then we became the Suburban Chicagoland Chapter for the past several years. While it was a mouthful, the name did accurately describe the chapter. The problem with the name was that it was long and ungainly, particularly when typing it into a browser. And don’t even think about Twitter!

The growth of social media makes it even more important for professionals to be able to find us online. As part of our revamped web page, we learned that when people search online, they don’t use “Chicagoland” as a search term – they use the term “Chicago.” Even more important is the need to project a consistent brand to our members and potential members. Like Federal Express following the lead of

their customers and shortening their company name to FedEx, we have done the same.

So as of the March 11th PRSA national board meeting, we have dropped “land” from our name and are now PRSA Suburban Chicago. It shouldn’t take much getting used to – underneath the shorter name, we’ll still be the same chapter you’ve always known. We’ll just be easier to find online, at

And with our move last year to the Sheraton Suites – Elk Grove Village just south of the Northwest Tollway (I-90) at Arlington Heights Road, we’re easy to get to for our monthly programming meeting – and the parking is free!. So come visit PRSA Suburban Chicago at our next meeting April 12, and see what else is new with the chapter. You might go home richer by the experience!


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