Ted Pincus Dies, Founder of Chicago’s Financial Relations Board Communications Firm

Prominent Chicago public relations executive Ted Pincus, founder of the Financial Relations Board, one of the largest public relations agencies in Chicago, passed away September 30th. He was a business columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times, an adjunct finance professor atDePaulUniversity and a consultant for political candidates ranging from Nelson Rockefeller in 1960 to Barack Obama in 2008.

As David Roeder wrote in the Sun-Times, “ Ted Pincus knew a secret, and it put him squarely in the top echelons ofChicagobusiness. Mr. Pincus knew that corporate executives aren’t always the best communicators for their own cause. They might know their industry, but not how to tell their story to investors, regulators and the public. So he set about reinventing the field of public relations, using his gift for words and eye for an anecdote. His advice made him a trusted counselor to numerous chief executives while his upbeat disposition and self-deprecating humor made him a welcome companion to many others.”

After selling the Financial Relations Board, Mr. Pincus became a managing partner at Stevens Gould Pincus, and also served as was vice chairman at SMG public relations group and a consultant for Weber Shandwick Group.

Mr. Pincus was named PR Professional of the Year in 2002 by the Public Relations Society of America.

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