LinkedIn: More than Collecting Contacts! – March 13, 2012 Dinner Event

PRSA Suburban Chicago Presents: LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site on the internet. With over 135 million users, of which 55+million are in the United States, people use this network to connect with other professionals to build relationships, meet new contacts, search for jobs, and market themselves and their businesses. But diving into the virtual networking pool can be overwhelming, particularly when trying to figure out how to use LinkedIn to as part of your PR efforts.

Developed specifically for business professionals, LinkedIn is an great tool for getting introduced to other professionals, generate new contacts and promote your business. But how? At the March 13 chapter program, guest speaker Dee Reinhardt will provide a live demonstration of the most current tools, a drive-through of company pages, an explanation of why you should use signal, tag your contacts and how to embellish your personal profile to get noticed.

Social media guru Dee Reinhardt is the principal of her own company, Time2Mrkt, specializing in digital marketing. “Right-brained” is a good description of Dee Reinhardt. If it has to do with creativity, she is all about that. When social media advanced into the marketplace, Dee embraced it with a passion. Dee is a Type-A personality, energetic, gregarious, and extroverted, a planner and a leader. As a marketing coordinator for a workforce development agency, her “right-brain” kicked in with social media to help her develop new ways to reach out, new avenues to explore and new methods to exercise. Since LinkedIn is one of her passions, it is only natural that she shares her knowledge with the community, teaching LinkedIn sessions for business owners and community members.

You can find out more about Dee at So join us at the Sheraton Suites – Elk Grove Village on March 13th and register now to find out how to make the most out of LinkedIn.

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