PRSASCC Presents: Finding News for Your Company When There Isn’t Any – June 12th Program

What do you do when there isn’t any news?

It’s challenging enough to get coverage for your company or client when you have actual newsworthy events happening. Every PR professional has hit a dry spell, when there just isn’t anything newsworthy happening with your company or client, yet you need to maintain your presence in the public discussion.  But what do you do when you hit that dry spell? You need something to talk about – but what? How do you find newsworthy information when there’s nothing much happening?

Join us at our Tuesday, June 12th program and learn how to find or develop news that’s useful and interesting when there just isn’t any with Chicago PR agency president Tom Ciesielka.

Tom Ciesielka

Tom Ciesielka, President of TC Public Relations, has worked in public relations, marketing and business development for more than 25 years and enjoys working with clients ranging from law firms to national and local companies. In its service to the legal community TC Public Relations has handled publicity for litigation cases, medical malpractice cases, government disputes, civil rights and free speech cases. Tom has secured media placements for his clients in outlets such as: CNN, The New York Times, National Public Radio, USA Today and Good Morning America. He has worked directly with such household names as Verizon Wireless, Disney Television and Yale University Press.

Prior to starting his agency, Ciesielka was the marketing director for the Museum of Broadcast Communications, where he produced and promoted exhibitions on the development of American soap operas, rock & roll music on television and Walt Disney’s innovations in broadcasting.  Visitors to Tom’s office are often privy to his “inanimate” audience of Simpson’s collectibles, classic robots and hand-crafted toys.

In the more than 20 years helping businesses, organizations and individuals with their public relations, Tom has had the opportunity to observe some blunders along the way and some PR stunts that, “make me laugh and angry.” The intersection between comedy and tragedy inspired him to start his blog, PRforLaughs.

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