Developing Social Media Policies with Phil Gomes of Edelman Digital

Phil GomesBlocking social media sites can leave employees feeling like they have a noose around their neck. Why stifle free expression when writing a social media policy can set the guidelines for employees and actually encourage creativity?

Phil Gomes, Senior Vice President of Digital Integration at Edelman Digital, will provide information on how to develop a social media policy. Phil has led teams and companies to engage with online communities in ways that are compelling, persuasive, and parallel with “digital citizenship” expectations. These instincts for online community mores has also made Phil a consistent go-to resource at the firm for online crisis communications.

Phil Gomes’ successful career in the communications field is characterized by his passionate interest in technology, media, and emerging forms of communication. He serves as a Senior Vice President with Edelman Digital, working from the agency’s headquarters in Chicago.

Phil is responsible for crafting the online engagement policies and standards for the agency and its clients, as well as serving as an educator and counselor with regard to online communities. The education and certification programs he has developed have provided the basis for social media integration for the firm and its clients worldwide.

Most recently, Phil co-founded Corporate Representatives for Ethical Wikipedia Engagement (CREWE), a group of PR professionals and Wikipedians who seek to cooperate in the public interest of accurate articles about corporations and organizations. Phil earned a B.A. in communications from Saint Mary’s College of California and anticipates his M.B.A. from Purdue University in February 2013.

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