Presentations: More than Poise and PowerPoint

Tuesday January 14, 2014 – Tuesday January 14, 2014

326 Yorktown Center

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As PR professionals, we focus so much on crafting just the right messages for our clients, we overlook the most important client of all – ourselves. Our credibility is on the line anytime we present to others so we always need to make sure we are presenting well in our lives. Presentations are more than PowerPoints and projectors: every time we pitch a story, advise a client, make an inquiry, try to persuade someone, or even communicate with a co-worker, we’re making a presentation. When was the last time you checked to make sure your personal presentation skills were up to par? Persuasion and clear communication are skills at the heart of the public relations profession – make sure yours are ready for the demands placed on them each day. Yvonne Agnello-Adams will cover key presentation skills, including projecting a confident image, tailoring your message, communicating with different personality types, and planning for questions and objections, to prepare you for the year ahead.

Yvonne Agnello-Adams, MS, JCICNT
Yvonne Agnello-Adams is an experienced marketing and training professional and the President and Owner of YDAA & Associates, Inc., a company providing professional training and coaching services. Yvonne has made it her mission to teach professionals the skills they didn’t learn in school and build upon their current skill sets so they can achieve success in both their personal and professional lives. Her trainings are infused with humor, enthusiasm, and real-life examples, making the practical tips, tools, and techniques she teaches easy to implement immediately. Participants go back to work with new insights and skills they can apply in every area of their lives. Yvonne works with businesses of all sizes and also contracts with SkillPath Training, the country’s premier provider of business training in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Through her company and her role with SkillPath Training, Yvonne travels around the country training professionals on communication, leadership, and other life skills.


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