Reading List

Recommended Reading for PR Practitioners – by industry topics

Crisis Communication

  • Crisis Communication Planning Strategies
  • Crisis Communications: A Casebook Approach
  • Current Crisis Communication Issues

General Practice

  • Communicate with Power
  • Effective Public Relations
  • The Practice of Public Relations
  • The Profession and The Practice
  • The Unseen Power: Public Relations
  • Getting Attention, Leading-Edge Lessons for Publicity and Marketing Public Relations: Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics

” How To” Books

  • How to Establish a Professional Relationship with Reporters
  • How to manage Your Global Reputation
  • How to Measure Your Communications Programs
  • How to Start Your Own PR Firm
  • Power of Public Relations: How to Get PR to Work for You
  • The Anatomy of Buzz: How to Create Word of Mouth Marketing
  • The Guide to Financial PR: How to Stand Out in the Midst of Competitive Clutter
  • How to Get Noticed by the National Media: Your Complete Guide to High Impact Publicity

Integrated Marketing Communications

  • The Handbook to Strategic PR & Integrated Communications
  • Value-Added Public Relations: The Secret Weapon of Integrated Marketing

Internet Communication

  • Corporate Activism on the Internet
  • Winning PR in the Wired World
  • What Makes Them Click
  • Public Relations on the Net: Winning Strategies to Inform and Influence the Media, the Investment Community, the Government, the Public, and More!
  • Dan Janal’s Guide to Marketing on the Internet: Getting People to Visit, Buy, and Become Customers for Life

Media Relations

  • Dealing Effectively With The Media
  • Keeping the Wolves at Bay: A Media Training Manual
  • Manufacturer’s Public Relations and Media Guide
  • On Deadline: Managing Media Relations
  • Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques
  • The Publicity Handbook: The Inside Scoop from More Than 100 Journalists and PR Pros on How to Get Great Publicity Coverage: In Print, Online, and on the Air

Specialty Topics

  • 101 Secrets of Highly Effective Speakers
  • 2 Immutable Laws of Branding
  • A Public Relations Guide to Nonprofits
  • APR Candidate Preparation Guide
  • Art of the Storyteller Toolkit
  • Benchmarking Basics: Looking For A Better Way
  • Celebrity Stew
  • Client Service with Attitude
  • The Fall of Advertising the Rise of PR
  • The Management of a Public Relations Firm
  • Using Research in Public Relations: Applications to Program Management
  • Public Relations History: Form the Seventeenth to the Twentieth Century

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