Role & Responsibilities

PRSA Suburban Chicago Board of Directors 
Roles & Responsibilities

General board responsibilities: All executive committee members and director/assembly delegates are members of the PRSA Suburban Chicago board of directors. Members of the board are expected to prepare for and participate in quarterly board meetings. Executive committee members consist of the president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer and ethics chair and are expected to do the same.

Board members are expected to:

  • Be familiar with the mission, purposes, goals, and activities of the chapter
  • Demonstrate high standards of professional and personal conduct
  • Work collaboratively with each other to accomplish chapter goals
  • Be responsible for achieving goals in each board member’s area of responsibility
  • Serve as chapter ambassadors to members and prospects
  • Attend chapter events whenever possible

Director/delegates serve three-year terms. Executive committee members serve one-year terms except for the president-elect who serves a sequenced three-year term (as president-elect, president and then immediate past-president.

Executive Committee

The president serves as chief executive officer of the chapter and presides over all meetings of the chapter, the board of directors and the chapter executive committee and has primary responsibility for the general welfare of the chapter. With the chapter board, the president is responsible for developing the chapter’s key value proposition and the strategic direction of the chapter and as such, is responsible for ensuring that the entire board of directors is in alignment with the national organization and local strategic imperatives, is actively developing/ implementing an ongoing strategic plan for the chapter and that all functional areas are regularly and effectively communicating with each other in pursuit of strategic objectives.

Key Responsibilities

  • Support the vision and key strategic initiatives for the chapter in collaboration with the chapter board and in alignment with the overall PRSA national and PRSA Suburban Chicago’s mission, vision and strategic plan
  • Motivate, engage and empower board members and committee chairs in pursuit of chapter goals
  • Collaborate with the chapter’s board Executive Director to maximize measurable benefits to members
  • Preside over chapter events
  • Track and monitor key chapter deliverables and progress toward goals
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the organization
  • Serve as the chapter representative to the PRSA Midwest District board.
  • Mentor president-elect and transfer knowledge to prepare that individual for their term of office
  • With the chapter treasurer, secretary and immediate past president, serve as signatory to the chapter’s financial accounts

The president-elect serves as an officer of the chapter executive committee and reports to the president. He/she shall assist the president as part of his/her preparation to succeed to the presidency. In the absence of the president, the president-elect shall preside over all meetings and assume the responsibilities of the president. Together with the president and other chapter board members, the president-elect is ultimately responsible for the strategic direction of the chapter and as such, is responsible for ensuring that the entire board of directors is in alignment with PRSA and PRSA Suburban Chicago strategic initiatives, is actively developing/implementing an ongoing strategic plan for the chapter and that all functional areas are regularly and effectively communicating with each other to function effectively as a team. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct all chapter activities in the absence of the chapter president as necessary
  • Responsible for the chapter’s strategic planning committee review process (appointed every three years)
  • Welcome members and guests to chapter events and serve as event host
  • Other duties as needed

The Secretary serves as an officer on the board of directors and reports to the president. The primary role of the chapter secretary is to ensure that the governance of the chapter is in compliance with the national PRSA bylaws, chapter operating policy and all other national organization and chapter policies. The Secretary ensures that board and general membership meeting notifications are disseminated and that meetings are held and run in accordance with chapter bylaws, policies and procedures and documents and maintains the board’s decisions and actions through recorded minutes.

The Secretary is expected to attend all board and EC meetings and is responsible for taking notes and drafting the minutes of each meeting according to accepted professional standards. He/she disseminates the minutes to the chapter board. The secretary also ensures that board minutes and all relevant documents are uploaded to the PRSA national Chapter Dashboard online resource center.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure chapter leadership understands and complies with the PRSA Suburban Chicago chapter bylaws and PRSA national bylaws, especially with regard to their functional roles
  • Work with president to set and distribute board and EC meeting agendas
  • Distribute monthly board meeting notices and send reminders, as needed
  • Attend and document chapter executive committee and board meetings via minutes, and distribute and post the minutes
  • Manage the chapter voting process for new board members, including notification to members of the annual meeting date, time and location
  • With the chapter president, treasurer, and immediate past president, serve as signatory to the chapter’s financial accounts
  • Other duties as needed

The treasurer serves as an officer on the board of directors. The treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept, accurate accounts of funds of the chapter in a manner as provided by resolution of the board. The treasurer shall oversee receipts and deposits of all chapter funds in the name of the chapter, in a bank or trust company selected and approved by the board of directors, issue receipts, make authorized disbursements by check countersigned by either president or any other person designated as an authorized signer. At meetings of the board of directors, the treasurer shall render an itemized statement of the financial condition and the receipts and disbursements of the chapter for the current fiscal year.

Key Responsibilities

  • Development and management of the chapter’s annual budget
  • Oversight and management of the chapter’s sponsorship and fundraising activities
  • Oversight of chapter banking relationship and any investments
  • Oversight of the annual audit of the chapter’s books and filing of annual tax return postcard 
  • With the chapter president, secretary, and immediate past president, serve as signatory to the chapter’s financial accounts
  • Work with board and committee members to identify sponsorship prospects among firms serving the communications industry
  • Recruit new sponsors
  • Creatively assist sponsors in achieving their marketing goals through member discounts and promotions as approved by the board
  • Other duties as needed

Immediate Past President
The immediate past president serves as an officer on the EC and reports to the president of the chapter board. The immediate past president shall generally assist the president and chair the nominating committee.

Key Responsibilities

  • Select and recruit nominating committee members to reflect the diverse membership of the chapter
  • Revise job descriptions, as needed
  • Oversee a public and transparent call for talent for open board positions
  • Review the board’s operating structure and offer recommendations for change to ensure the board serves the needs of the chapter and broader PR community
  • Present a slate of nominees for open board positions for board approval, in accordance with the chapter bylaws
  • With the chapter president, treasurer, and secretary, serve as signatory to the chapter’s financial accounts
  • Other duties as needed

Chair, Ethics

The Ethics Officer shall serve as the Chapter’s “conscience” and will serve as an advisor to the Chapter Board as well as providing continuing education for chapter members on correct ethical conduct.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advise the chapter board on questions of ethics
  • Serve as a liaison to the PRSA Board of Ethics
  • Organize one ethics-based program or training for the chapter during the programming year
  • Create ethics content for the chapter website/newsletter
  • Other responsibilities as needed

Chair, Membership

The membership chair serves as an officer on the board and reports to the president. The vice president of membership is responsible for maintaining and growing membership by ensuring the effectiveness of the chapter’s prospecting, recruiting, activation and retention efforts.

The membership chair will develop and execute a strategic and tactical membership plan which outlines goals and tactics for the year including new member, diversity, involvement/retention and member satisfaction targets.

In addition to his/her responsibilities for member retention and recruitment, the membership chair oversees the chapter’s mentoring, volunteer and PRSSA/student-related activities.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure the overall member experience across all chapter programs and events
  • Development and implementation of the annual strategic membership plan, which includes new member, diversity, retention/activation and member satisfaction goals
  • Maintain a roster of chapter members and prospective members
  • Work collaboratively with the program chair, to maximize new member recruitment opportunities
  • Oversight of membership activities including ensuring that all new chapter members are properly welcomed to the chapter
  • Oversight of the chapter’s mentoring program and support of the chapter’s PRSSA-liaison activities to foster engagement with future members from local PRSSA chapters
  • Track membership promotions offered at the national level and working with the senior director to develop and execute recruitment campaigns in collaboration with the board
  • Monitor membership metrics
  • Help to plan and organize recruitment and members-only events

Chair, Publicity
The publicity chair serves as member of the board of directors and reports to the president. He/she is responsible for raising awareness of chapter services and activities, communicating the core values of the organization and supporting all director/delegates, officers and volunteers in their communications with members, prospects and other target audiences.

This position directs the development and execution of all communications tasks for the chapter.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversight of all communication activities, including branding, public relations, e-marketing, social media, etc.
  • Develop and execute the chapter’s digital and social strategy content and engagement
  • Oversight of the chapter newsletter, mailing list, and website
  • Collaborate with membership and programming chairs to ensure consistent branding across digital and event marketing
  • In collaboration with programming chair, secure sponsors for chapter programs and website 
  • Other duties as needed

Chair, Programming
The programming chair serves as a member of the board of directors and reports to the president. The chair oversees all events/programs hosted or sponsored by the chapter, including coordinating the selection and recruitment of event speakers to deliver valuable content and experiences to members and guests, including monthly programs and workshops.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop a strategy for programs to occur over a 12-month calendar covering his/her own term in office and the first few months of the succeeding year beyond in order to support programming continuity
  • Manage event/program management for the chapter, including, but not limited to: content development (with a partial focus on developing ethnic/diverse audiences), logistics and overall event management including liaison with the staff of the event location
  • Help draft and edit event descriptions for the website and promotional copy
  • Recruitment and development of volunteers to manage individual events and serve as “event hosts”
  • Preparation, recommendation and execution of a calendar of event/program topics and potential host sites
  • Ensure program budgets align with overall chapter budget expectations
  • Participation in chapter events and coordinate with membership to ensure appropriate welcome and membership value proposition is conveyed at all chapter programs
  • Coordination with publicity chair to ensure promotional content is accurately communicated to those responsible for promotions/invitations approximately eight weeks prior to event
  • Coordinate with publicity chair to identify and secure sponsors around program content
  • Other duties as needed

Directors at Large

Directors/delegates serve for a staggered three-year term.

Key Responsibilities

  • Represent the interests of the members to the board of directors
  • Other duties as needed

Assembly Delegates

Assembly delegates serve for a three-year term. All elected director/delegates shall serve as the chapter delegates/representatives to the PRSA Leadership Assembly, which takes place immediately prior to the Annual PRSA International Conference.

Key Responsibilities

  • Attend the PRSA Leadership Assembly and vote as directed by the chapter board
  • Report to the chapter board and regular members on issues and proposed bylaws changes prior to and following the national PRSA Leadership Assembly
  • Other duties as needed